Always know your seasonal stats in a new and revealing format. Your home screen displays your to-date harvest totals. Then instantly PLAN a future hunt anywhere or HUNT your current location. 

Experience a whole new level of hunting success. With the new SK~USTERS Mobile App, you will have everything you need to guide your bird and duck hunting adventures, all in one place. Tools and tips

created by expert Pro Guides correlated in real-time to your specific type of hunt, as well as organized logs of your success to track, share, and compare throughout the entire season.

Mobile App


Gunning tips correlated to your HUNT location and harvest type as well as when you PLAN a future hunt. Proper choke size, shell length, shot size and pattern dynamics.  Knowing these specifics will increase your success in the field. 


Instantly pull the weather specifics for your HUNT or PLAN hunt area. At the touch of a button display your GPS location. Also tap into the WIND ON DEMAND tool to access current wind direction, compass and lunar position. 


Understanding and Identification has never been this easy and this comprehensive. Dive into a full listing of North American Waterfowl species, sub-species and hybridization. Understand North American Migratory flyways with easy to consume correlated content and visuals.


Easily view and keep track of every hunt you have logged and the detailed information for each hunt. After reviewing your hunt details of weather, flyway, and harvest you are ready to share and compare your success on social media. 

App functionality may vary from that depicted throughout the site, based on your mobile device.